Sophia Chang’s Architectural Boundary Blending Installation ‘Suspense’

Posted on November 08, 2013 by Nathaniel Smith

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The work of architect and designer Sophia Chang, Suspense is a site-specific installation that blends the inner and outer environments of a gallery space. A recent graduate with distinction at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Chang created Suspense at Invivia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

By pulling large sheets of Lycra between rectangular frames, her work creates an interactive, suspended environment which both blurs yet highlights the building’s pre-existing architectural features. Some rooms are completely explorable, while others remain visible yet restricted by the installation. Says Chang, ”The whole piece holds itself in shape under the tensile forces of being stretched without any extra pneumatic input – except perhaps the breeze flowing in and out of the two doors!” (via designboom)

img_10_1383610330_ecf55c03e1aea25e3c61bed543ffb891 Floor Plan Designimg_11_1383610330_fce72c25d50114fe03bcf9ec83464a0b Sectioned Design sophia-chang-suspense-designboom03 sophia-chang-suspense-designboom04img_7_1383610330_61017065121e3e04906be7be6b3bf368

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