Showing: Gaia – “Marshland” @ Rice Gallery

Posted on November 13, 2013 by SAL


The prolific Baltimore and Brooklyn-based Gaia currently has big installation showing at the Rice University Art Gallery. For this project, the young artist did a series of interviews with people working at the university as well as gathered some information about the history of Houston. Through this research, he created his impression of "Houston’s sprawling urban landscape and increasingly international demographic," and turned it into reality at the university gallery. By mixing different techniques and mediums, while using multiple layers of different images, he created an ensemble that features meticulously replicated architectural elements, portraits, landscape, as well as some surreal or even abstract elements. From on-field research to basic sketching, to sculpting, painting, drawing, and printmaking, the complexity of this installation can be best viewed through the video created by Walley Films seen below... Photo credit: Nash Baker. Discuss Gaia here.

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