Fabian Oefner’s Gravity Induced Paint Explosions Create Liquid Orchids

Posted on November 07, 2013 by Russ Crest




when captured from the side, you can see how the individual layers of paint appear out of the white surface.

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner’s latest “Orchid” series of paint actions depicts the ephemeral nature of gravity and fluid paint, frozen in time. In each image Oefner captures a fleeting moment with his camera which appear to look like sculptural floral blooms when in fact they are explosions of paint set into motion by gravity.

In his unique process Oefner filled a tank with several layers of different colors of liquid paint with the top layer being either black or white. Then, a sphere was thrown into the paint. As the falling object splashed into the tank, the paint was forced upwards, shaping the individual layers of paint into a blossom-like structure.

“Orchid” is about preserving ephemeral beauty. Photographed with high speed devices, these images capture structures of sublime elegance, which appear only for a fraction of a second before disappearing beneath the surface again. (via designboom)

fabian-oefner-orchid-photography-designboom-01 fabian-oefner-orchid-photography-designboom-02 fabian-oefner-orchid-photography-designboom-04 fabian-oefner-orchid-photography-designboom-05 fabian-oefner-orchid-photography-designboom-06

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