Streets: Augustine Kofie (Mexico)


All City Canvas recently invited Augustine Kofie (featured) to Mexico City to paint a massive mural in the middle of Colonia Roma (Roma neighborhood) in the Cuauhtémoc borough. Working day and night, the Los Angeles-based artist created a site-specific piece with his urban abstract aesthetic in this collaboarative project with Herman Miller and Impact Hub D.F. Take a look at more photos below... Via Graffuturism. Discuss Augustine Kofie here.

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Basel Week Miami ’13: Video Summaries by Vernissage TV

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.30.24 PM

For those who missed Art Basel Week in Miami, Vernissage TV provides some good footage of some of the exhibitions & fairs. Their film crew stopped by the Piston Head exhibition, NADA, Art Basel Miami Public,  Perez Art Museum Miami, Art Basel, Design Miami, and the Untitled Art Fair. Check out some of the videos below... Discuss Art Basel Week Miami here.

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Showing: Sainer – “Neverland” @ Galerie Itinerrance


Sainer, member of the infamous Etam Cru, rounded out a succesful year with a solo show at Galerie Itinerrance in Paris. Known for supporting young artists coming from the graffiti/street art movement, the showspace and their patrons were a successful combination for the Polish artist's French debut. Even though most of the works were large size canvases, Neverland entirely sold out only few days after the opening. Both Sainer and Bezt, who are the only members of Etam Cru, had big years creating large scale murals all over the world, but they also had a couple of successful gallery shows and print releases. Both proved to have the ability to transfer their surrealistic images from big murals onto canvases, without losing the specific effects they are known for. In particular, Sainer's Paris show included work featuring the duo's dynamic imagery that easily blends surrealistic and realistic elements. Through use of signature elements such as animals, flowers, skulls, floating hats, etc, and a great sense of light and depth, this body of work included some of his most complex pieces yet. Focusing on renderings of young people in unusual scenarios, Sainer's work emphasizes the emotions that everyone can relate to - from loneliness, through fighting inner fears, to use of alcohol or drugs and finding a getaway from everyday life. Although realistically painted, his characters tend to melt, fall apart or even disappear under the pressure of the situation or emotion they are going through. It's this great sense for mixing reality with fantasy & dreams that makes Sainer's work so strong and captivating. Although he uses a wide palette of colors, but always creating a visually compact image with bright accents, he seems to prefer purple and orange tones. Along with the canvases, Sainer showed some sketches and studies of his previously seen work, as well as a smaller mixed media piece in which he played with drawing and collage layers, and a drawing for his Backyard Kingdom piece which was released as a limited edition print. While his murals and canvases show a great sense of depth and light, these sketches and drawings also show off his great linework, which all resulted in some of the most impressive murals and urban art canvases we've seen in 2013. Photos credit: saL. Discuss Sainer & Etam Cru here

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Openings: Ryan De La Hoz & Russell Leng – “FRAGMENTS” @ Breeze Block Gallery


Earlier this month, the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland and curator Sven Davis brought together two young artists for a joint show entitled FRAGMENTS. The Bay Area - based Ryan De La Hoz uses "motifs in his work such as television static and ancient Greek imagery" that play with ideas of destruction and perception of which his distorted hand manipulated prints we really enjoy (seen above). Paired with him and coming from more north was the Vancouver-based Russell Leng who brought with him abstract paintings mixing distinct shapes with more loose and chaotic elements. Take a look at the show below as well as portrait of the artists... Discuss Ryan De La Hoz here. Discuss Russell Leng here. Discuss this show here.

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Preview: Brian Viveros & Dan Quintana – “Desensitized 13″ @ Copro Gallery


Those who attended the SCOPE Art Fair during Art Basel Week in Miami will have gotten a preview already of Brian Viveros' (featured) & Dan Quintana's joint showing opening tomorrow night at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles. Desensitized 13 reprises their collaborative efforts back in 2010 three years later with new work that will give their fans a chance to see a further refinement and evolution of their style. The surreal femme fatales from Viveros and the fantastical portraiture of Quintana certainly mix well together and will be on display in individual works, sculpture, and collaborative works like the piece seen above (cropped). Take a look at the full piece as well as more preview images below. Also, prints will be available as well as a free special collectors poster available only at the opening where the duo will be signing and personalizing the editions. Attendees are encouraged to dress up like a character from a Viveros or Quintana painting if they so desire. Discuss Brian Viveros here & Dan Quintana here. Discuss Art Basel Week Miami here.

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Basel Week Miami ’13: “Affordable Care” @ Mana Wynwood

Mana Wynwood Flaunt Affordable Care AM 406

One of the shows we visited during Art Basel Week was Affordable Care, curated by Flaunt Magazine. Held in the Mana Wynwood complex in Miami's downtown district, this group exhbition explores the contradiction of the words "affordable" and "care". This pairing of terms in the current world is sort of an oxymoron in a time of digital missives, healthcare glitches, and artistic free-for-all. The event brought together an interesting mix of artists working with diverse mediums, including photography, digital, performance art. The participants were Ben Jones, Melanie Pullen, David LaChapelle, Rob Montgomery, Petra Cortright, Vance Lorenzini, Yung Jake, and Jeanette Hayes and the showing also featured a special performance art piece involving Vanessa Beecroft x Kanye West (more on that later). Discuss Art Basel Week Miami here.

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Basel Week Miami ’13: “Friends and Family” @ Yo


During Art Basel Week in Miami the Yo <3 305 Gallery in Wynwood brought together the work of seven muralists from around the world for a Fordistas collective exhibition entitled The Art of Collaboration: Friends and Family. Known for their large scale public works they created worldwide, this was the first time they had the opportunity to "meld their individual talents into a cohesive whole within a single space." The collective is made up of 2501, 2 Alas, Axel Void, Alexis Diaz, Jaz, Jufe, and Pastel, who joined forces to "present a show that emphasizes the values of cooperation among artists over those of competition." The result is a coherent show which can be seen as a whole, as well as good way to examine and enjoy the individual works. The centerpiece of the show is 2501's painted canoe, displayed on top of a mirror which gives more possibilities for observing the art, as well as connects all the other artworks to it. Also, this installation is most likely a nod to the Mirrorless Project which he is involved with at the same time. The rest of the works are mostly large canvases showcasing the recognizable style and technique of each artists - Alexis Diaz’s magnificent meticular line work, Jaz's fusion of a classic portrait and surreal anamorphic painting, 2Alas’ interesting incorporation of an iconic images from the 60, and Axel Void’s dark and almost haunting style, among others.

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