Ellwood T. Risk

Born 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


Ellwood T. Risk is a self-taught artist who has been living and working in Los Angeles since the spring of 1992.

Early works were primarily abstract color fields on a plaster surface which reflected the artists years spent in the field as a journeyman drywall finisher and residential painter. A six piece series of his work has been on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Sales and Rental Gallery since 2002.

The Pistol Target series began in December of 2002 and has continued to evolve while holding the artist’s interest and stoking his imagination. Peter Frank writes: "Ellwood T. Risk is making a statement, but it’s a statement he wants us to feel even sooner than he wants us to know. The impact of the bullet must be sensed. Our skin must become the surface of the works. Those figures must not simply lure us, but must be us. Finally, Risk insists we get beyond the callous distance that has abetted the moral and cultural, not to mention political, decline of our country. Every image in “Collateral Damage” makes us feel the gun’s recoil – and the bullet’s impact."