Gioj de Marco


Born 1973 in Luxembourg.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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Identity creation begins with the stories we tell each other about one another. The better ones become myths we live by.

My work stems from a constant investigation of mythologies used in organizing popular culture. I am equally concerned with epic narratives, as I am with discreet tales.

In my practice, the goal has been to suspend the pattern of our base mythology creation, long enough to make adjustments. The resulting works propose a space that is charged with the potential for a new narrative, a common ground where I actively share a sense of authorship with the viewer.

Through the use of photography, sculpture and multimedia installations, I manipulate existing iconography and modes of expression, displace narrative contexts, or, in an act more akin to revisionism, create new imagery to serve underrated stories. Sometimes dissolving familiar myths, revealing the mechanism of popular fantasies so as to point at the desire for those very fantasies; other times, acting in defiance, appropriating the metaphor to engage in political criticism.

Recently, the work has been driven by more private, often marginalized memoirs and narrative styles, as sources for art making. Here, I am able to explore the emotional spaces where individual myths are formed; discovering new sets of well told stories. Ultimately, history does not repeat itself; we tell ourselves the history we chose to remember.