Matthew Heller


Born 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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I am inspired by greatness and by greatness I mean things of immense power…often beautiful- often painful. The vastness of the ocean inspires me. Images and information of terrible ruin inspire me. An elegant rock song can inspire me. Physics and the spiritual unknown inspire me. My work takes personal experiences and feelings sharing them in a universal way, accessible to people on an emotional level releasing the need for literal comprehension. This release for the need of literal comprehension has brought about an exploration of "other worldliness" in my work.

Specific personal narratives along with my own current emotional energy is my creative instigation though the personal narrative rarely remains the main focus. The emotional energy I put into a piece is constant throughout my process of "finding" a painting. The placement of one figure/object will lead to another figure/object, which leads to another mark, which leads to the covering up of something only to introduce something else. My paintings are built from layers of elements coming and going and are not highly premeditated (usually). I approach writing (poetry) similarly. Though not blindly, I often stumble through my work searching, exploring the human condition.