Paul Rusconi


Born in California.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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Born and raised in California, Los Angeles based artist Paul Rusconi investigates the portrait and other iconic subjects with his own photo-based images as well as found or sourced images from popular culture.

His work is a digital screening process combined with monochromatic photography, paint and nail polish. The work is layered and framed. The shadow image on the monochromatic photographic is a simple projection through the Plexiglas. There is no image on the actual photograph until one is projected on it by the digital screen. The intention with the appropriated imagery is to re-present and reference images that our society/world has become inundated with. The idea of the recycled celebrity image, paparazzi photography, the found object/image and a culture's insatiable thirst for fame identification, personal projection and social identification all play a part in the exploration of this theme.

His own photography is used for images that create a grey scale from blue, magenta, yellow and black. Up close all that is evident are colorful dots - and from about 12 feet away - those dots turn into a grey scale or what looks to be a black and white image. This notion came from the observation that a grey-scale could be created from color and therefore such a grey-scale could be broken down into color. Closely observing the surface, one can see that it is composed of a geometric pattern that recalls the benday dots of Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. The subjects have included artists, musicians, politicians and the infamous. Currently with his fascination of pop-culture and its huge and wide-reaching skate sub-culture, Rusconi focuses his current group of portraits on today’s 14 most influential skateboarders in the world.

Works by Rusconi are included in the collections of numerous private homes and public art institutions, including The Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, the Interface Foundation, the Castilla Foundation, Madrid and the Carnegie Art Museum.