Sage Vaughn


Born 1976 in Jackson, Oregon.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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Sage Vaughn is an LA based painter and illustrator who is best recognised for his ‘Wildlife’ series depicting colourful butterflies, owls and sparrows, in otherwise melancholic, city scenes.  

Although as a teen he started out spraying graffiti around the San Fernando Valley, California, where he was raised, it was a scene he quickly outgrew.  He is interested in the interface between ‘mans’ wild side and animals’ civilized aspects’. 

His father was also a painter and used to take Sage to LA Zoo, where the pair would sit and sketch animals all day. In his most recent paintings, Wildlives, Vaughn paints children playing against the same faded, urban scenes against which he places wildlife, drawing comparisons between the liberty and survival skills of each  He has had widely acclaimed solo shows in New York, LA, Geneva and London.

In 2011 Sage Vaughn's work Integrity, created alongside photographer Michael Muller, adorned the cover of rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers' single Monarchy of Roses. His most recent triumph is MOCA Gallery's Transmission event, curated by Sage's childhood hero, Beastie Boys founder member Mike Diamond in December 2012.