Gioj de Marco CV

Born 1976 in Portland, Oregon.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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  • 2012   Unison  Solo Show. New Photographic WorksEspacio Santa Monica, CA

  • 2012   Shifting Margins  Curated by OFF Space in two locations. Aggregate Space  Oakland + Red Poppy Art House  San Fransisco, CA

  • 2011   Lived Experience  Curated by Marielos Zeka. Huntington Lofts  Los Angeles CA

  • 2011   Threads II Galleria Karowa  Warsaw, PL

  • 2011   Threads  Curated by Kasia Morawska and Ania Corelczak. UNIT 24  London, UK

  • 2010   Compound Project Presents (Debbie Frank). Compound Projects  Malibu, CA

  • 2009   Exposed  Curated by The Art Council for Long Beach

  • 2008   Projections  Curated by Maria Jensen. Salon Oblique  Venice, CA

  • 2007   Land Ho!  Curated by Hoojung Lee. Red House Gallery Culver City, CA

  • 2007   Re-Perspectives  Curated by Cloe Flores and Autumn Beck. The Office Huntington Beach

  • 2007   Thrillogy  Solo Show. Tree House Gallery  Los Angeles, CA

  • 2006   Free Transposition  Curated by Elizabeth Ernst. Schanze 8  Hamburg, DE

  • 2006   TransformAll  Curated by Tyrome Tripoli. Broadway Gallery  New York, NY

  • 2006   VERN: In Heat  Curated by Michael Landis. Mercer Gallery  New York, NY

  • 2006   Inner Space/ Outer Limits  Curated by Gregory Klassen. The Walker Center for the Arts. Milwaukee, WI

  • 2005   Interjacent  I-5 Gallery  Los Angeles, CA

  • 2004   Social Awareness  Curated by Odie Rynell Cash. Unit B Gallery  Chicago, IL

  • 2004   Reliving  A two-person collaborative show between Gioj De Marco and Tony Brown. Cal State University Long Beach, CA

  • 2004   SkinThin  Viento y Aqua Gallery  Long Beach, CA

  • 2004   Play/Pause  Curated by Nina Jung + Kristen Morgin. SCA Gallery  Pomona, CA

  • 2003   Movement  Detroit Electronic Music Festival  Hart Plaza. Detroit, MI

  • 2003   A Muse  Curated by Fabio Hernandez. Cranbrook Museum of Art. Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • 2000   Cross Roads  Curated by Tony Marsh  Downey Museum of Art  Downey, CA